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Semantic  Segmentation

Understanding an image at the pixel level is known as semantic segmentation, and it is used in computer-vision-based applications that require high accuracy. When there are more than two categories into which the images can be classified. This means that an image belongs to more than one category and that multiple labels are predicted to be associated with a single instance at the same time.

Polygons are multipoint annotation techniques that can be used to draw shapes, curves, and angles. Annotating objects in angled photos are aided by polygons. They label and mark category annotations for pixels in an image. This has a variety of applications, including identifying street sign boards, facial and pose features in sports analytics, teaching drones to easily navigate through trees and roofs, and exploring new frontiers in manufacturing and health-care.

LiDAR Mapping

3D Mapping is commonly used for image annotations, and it provides the next level of accuracy for a variety of industries in developing object recognition perception models. There are numerous applications for this; for example, the image annotation technique assists self-driving vehicles in recognising their surroundings, identifying the level of damage, making it easier to calculate insurance claims, and recognising various objects.

Image Transcription

Image transcription is the process of identifying, extracting, and generating metadata from images. This can be applied to images of street signs, application forms, receipts, and doctors’ notes or prescriptions, among other things.

Image Review

We work for the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) in each state in the United States. Image processing is a system that generates or rejects a License Plate Identification for the transaction plate number for a variety of reasons.
Plate number, Plate type, Issuing state or Jurisdiction, and Special characters are the four attributes of a licence plate.